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Thursday, March 28, 2013

3C Class 2012-2013

Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 Do's on Young Family Portrait

Shooting young family portraits has always fascinated me not only because of the varied experiences based on the number of people your are shooting with but also because of the many unpredictable things that happen during the photo session. Depending on the ages of the members of the family of your client you need to be more spontaneous and be adaptable to different levels of interaction. Portraits of a young family is truly very challenging. Here are some starting tips for a successful enjoyable young family portrait session.

1.)Learn to interact with the kids. If the childrent in your session are happy the parents would also feel comfortable and as a result, you will achieve more natural portraits. Do you best to entertain the children throughout the session to draw out more laughter and smiles in the scenes.

2.) Refrain from take posing shots. Avoid posing as this will give you less natural portrait. Besides children do not sit in one place for a long period of time. They always move, walk around, and even run. Keep your session this way also....active and moving. Constantly be moving with your clients. You may be able to capture the most natural unguarded moments of the kids. You may be able also to position the couple where you want them and encourage the child to move around like walking, twirling, crawling, etc.

3.) Go where the child is. Sometimes your may be working with kids who do not follow what you instruct them to do. Better yet in this situation to follow them and keep the ambiance lighthearted and fun by having the parents to follow the child until the child stops. Your task then is to have the parents draw cloe to the child and then take a burst series of pictures.

4.) Always be shutter happy. Do not be so concerned as how many shots or how many times you have pressed the shutter. Working with the children takes a lot of trials. The bottom line is to make sure to catch the right expressions, and the best position in the family portrait.

5.) Prepare yourself for anything. Don't set the family portrait with your client with set ideas which may not be adapted in the real session. Have some ideas in mind that may serve you possible but do not impose and be prepared to take what you have and run with it.

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