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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My first night shot attempt with Canon EOS 350D

All you need to have to capture the night in full light and color is your tripod, large capacity memory card and an overwhelming spirit. Its not difficult to look for night time annd low-light subjects. Even the most ordinary scenes you might not notice during the day may turn out very interesting after dark. Very subtle things like street walk lights, even the ordinary fast food joints, billboards, and neon lights. To add more story to your composition, mix it with motion from vehicle light patterns, carnival rides,and traffic patterns, and even fireworks display.

Night shots create a different kind of story depending on how the subjects are framed and how the lights are captured. I am showing you my first attempt of my nightshots. I basically follow the principle of long exposure and narrower aperture. The slower the shutter speed the more light is captured, and the smaller the aperture opening the sharper is the effect. But I set my ISO to the range of 100-200 only for minimal noise.
I did some comparison, setting the shutter speed the same at 6s and aperture of F3.5 and F22.

Shot at 6 sec shutter speed, F/3.5, ISO 200 (camiguin)
Shot at 2.5 sec shutter speed, F/11, ISO 100 (recto ave., cagayan de oro)
Shot at 5 sec shutter speed, F/22, ISO 100 (recto ave., cagayan de oro)
Shot at 1/400 sec shutter speed, F/9, ISO 800, this one the shutter speed is way faster than the previous shots ISO speed 4x faster


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