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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My second lens: Canon Lens 50mm II

Another cheap lens which a photography enthusiast must have is the Standard 50 mm lens by Canon. It costs around $70 only for the new "II" version. I bought mine from ebay.com and its been with me for over 3 years already. I love using this lens especially in taking portrait shots creating a blurry soft background and for candid and low light situation. The old "I" premium version is the metal mount version which used to sell a little over $100. This is definitely 2 stops faster than a consumer zoom and even 1/3 stop faster than the pro f2.8 "L" series.

since I am using EF 50mm lens in a 22.2mmx 14.8mm sensor based camera (similar to EOS 400d, EOS 450d, and EOS 40d), it has a crop factor of 1.6 which means that it has a similar field of view as 80mm would on a full frame camera (sensor size is 36mm x 24mm). Its implication is that the 50mm lens is a very good portrait lens for use in an APS-C sized sensor DSLR.

Therefore, for portraiture masterpiece, where truly sharpness is not always the subject's concern, where people opt to hide their blemishes in high resolution detail, I have no apprehension in shooting the 50/1.8 wide open on my Canon EOS 350D.


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