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Friday, May 29, 2009

Digital photography tips: Jpeg vs RAW

JPEG- all camera settings, like picture style, white balanc, iso are immediately applied to the file.
file size is significantly smaller allowing you to store approximately 460 high quality (12.2 megapixel, 16.5"x11.7") images in a 2 gigabyte memory card.
quick to view - can be viewed easily in computer and can be shared easily through internet. Though further compression is required using software for faster uploading.

RAW- image stored as captured by sensor which allows you to make post-shoot alterations.
file size is very large allowing you to store of about 120 high quality (12.2 megapixel, 16.5"x11.7") images only in a 2 gigabyte memroy card.
Viewing of image is slow
Requires RAW conversion software before the image can be viewed in the computer.


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