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Friday, May 1, 2009

My third DSLR: Canon Rebel XSi / Canon EOS 450D

After a year of using my Canon EOS 350D, Canon launched the Canon EOS 450D or Canon Rebel XSi. It made me very curious, what step up features are incorporated in the new edition of DSLR.
Since my colleague was very much interested of buying my Canon EOS 350D/Canon Rebel Xt and the current price of the new Canon EOS 450D is just the same when I bought my Canon EOS 350D last year, I finally decided to sell my EOS 350D and buy the new one.

But what step up features does Canon EOS 450D have over Canon 350D?

  1. 12 megapixel CMOS sensor versus 8.0 megapixel of EOS350D. The Canon EOS 450D has increased its CMOS sensor to 12.4 megapixels. It has 12.2 million effective pixels. Further down the line, the A/D converter is capable of relaying 14 bit information to the camera's image processor or as a 14-bit RAW file. It is then expected to offer a much smoother gradation steps in the final images.

  2. More compact data storage. Canon EOS 350D uses COMPACT FLASH while Canon 450D uses SD Card/ SDHC Card. This is the first entry-level DSLR of Canon which uses the SD format (Secure Digital format). It is the most commont storage format used in most compact or point and shoot digital cameras. SDHC is now available in similar capacities and speeds with CF format used by 300D, 350D and 400D.

  3. Larger LCD of 3.0". A very obvious external difference with 350D and all its predecessors is the inclusion of a large 3" LCD screen. It is considerably useful since it doubles the camera's setting screen.

  4. New Live View Feature. The 450D is also the first entry-level to include a live view mode. It includes a quite accurate contrast detection AF method though slow, which can be made the default for Live view. It also offers an optional live histogram to help with exposure and an' Exposure Simulation' indicator to confirm when the view on the screen represents the brightness of the final image.

  5. Spot Metering Feature. A feature which is only available in XXD-level cameras now appears in 450D, the spot metering mode. This tool is considered invaluable to most photographers when setting to manual exposures during difficult-to-capture high contrast scenes.

  6. Self timer mode has multishot feature. The 450D obtains the ability to take numerous shots each time the self-timer is used. This is very useful if you pictures in a group and you do not want to keep running back to the camera.

  7. Live view mode. The 450D is now the first DSLR of Canon which includes the live view mode feature. It enables you to accurately perform contrast detection AF method, though slow. It also offers an optional live histogram to help with exposure and an' Exposure Simulation' indicator to confirm when the view on the screen represents the brightness of the final image.

  8. Larger, higher capacity, battery. The 450D departs from its predecessors by using a new battery. The new, larger, LP-E5 battery has a capacity of 1080mAh, rather than 720mAh. This will be particularly useful given the greater power demands that live view brings.

  9. Automatic Sensor Cleaning. Whenever you set the power switch to <ON> or <OFF>, the self-cleaning sensor unit operates to automatically shake off the dust on the front of the sensor. Normally you need not be aware of this operation. However, you can execute the sensor cleaning at anytime as well as disable it.

Consumers are just so amazed that Canon included other features present in their prosumer level, EOS 40D, to Canon EOS 450D such as Highlight Tone Priority, High ISO Noise Reduction, Auto Lighting Optimizer, and many more. To view more of its features, specifications and designs, visit here and you may buy the Canon Rebel XSi/ Canon EOS 450D from Amazon.com


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