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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to batch compress or resize image files using Photoshop?

How to batch compress or resize image files using Photoshop?

Sharing high resolution images to your friends through friendster, multiply, facebook and many other community network clients is very cumbersome and slow. Compressing the image file one by one would even be more cumbersome. The best thing to do is to batch process the compression of images. There are a lot of batch compression tools available as either freeware or shareware. But don't you know that Photoshop is also capable of doing batch resizing? It's even in fact quite easy using either Action tool feature or image processor script feature. es

Follow the steps below on how to batch resize image files using Photoshop's image processor script:

  • Step 1. Simply choose file, scripts, then image processor. The image processor dialog then shows the 4 simple steps for resizing the images.
  • Step 2. From the dialog box, select either resize the images already open in photoshop, or select folder where the image files you want to resize are stored. Choose include all subfolders of the selected folder.
  • Step 3. Select where you want to save the resized images. If you choose save in same location, Photoshop creates a subfolder, so you do not have to worry about images being overwritten. If the file names already exist, Photoshop saves the image file with the same name but adds a sequential number to the old file name.
  • Step 4. Select the file type. The most common file type is jpeg. Set the quality value between 0-12. The higher the value the higher is the quality of the image. For better color, select convert profile to sRGB and check the box, Include ICC profile option.
  • Step 5. If you wish to save the same batch of image files to another format and to different resolution, you simply select run to action on the images. When everything is set and ready, click RUN and all the images (both opened and not) will automatically be resized, saved in the designated folder,and closed.
So everytime you want to resize a number of image files to be shared in the internet, PHOTOSHOP IMAGE PROCESSOR ScRIPT feature does all the task in a flash.


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