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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photography tips - How to lock focus with your Canon EOS 450d Camera?

One common question in digital photography especially when using a point-and-shoot digital camera is this,

"I have a problem with my digital camera. When I shoot an off-center subject, the camera focuses on the wall behind them. How can I make the camera focus on what I want it to?

All digital cameras have auto focus feature which focuses anything that is in the very center of the view finder. So if the subject is not in the center, the ones in the center will be sharp while the targeted subject is not. The result?...you get dissapointed. To solve such problem, an autofocus lock technique is applied. Autofocus lock overrides the digital camera's autofocus to ensure better sharper pictures when:
  • the subject is constantly moving...this happens in kids photography;
  • the subject is off-center...the subject is either in the third left or third right of the frame to create full view of the background;
  • there isn't enough depth of field to allow every element of the photograph to be sharp; and
  • the subject is against the light
How to lock focus?

With Canon EOS 450d, there are two methods of focus lock, AE Lock and FE Lock.

AE Lock
is used when the area of focus is be different from the exposure metering area or when you want to take multiple shots at the same exposure setting. To do this,
  1. point the camera to an area where you want to shoot. Press the shutter button halfway until you hear the beep sound. (the exposure setting will be displayed)
  2. press <*> button found in the upper right side of the camera to lock the exposure. (the <*> icon lights in the viewfinder to indicate that the exposure setting is locked)
  3. Recompose and rearrange your subject and take the shot.
FE Lock is used to lock the flask exposure setting over the desired area of the subject. To do this,
  1. Press the button to pop-up the built-in flash. Press the shutter button halfway until the flash icon appears in the viewfinder.
  2. Focus the subject
  3. Press the <*> button. Aim the viewfinder center over the subject where you want to lock the flash exposure before pressing the <*>.
  4. Recompose and take the shot

General Focus Lock Instruction. You do this if your subject is off-centered from the frame.

  1. Compose your shot.Point the camera in such a way that the subject is off-centered. Place the subject either in the third right or third left. Showing a beautiful background in the center. (Follow the rule of third)
  2. Focus your shot. Move the camera to the right or left in such a way that the subject is in the center bracket of the viewfinder then press the shutter button halfway til you hear a beep sound. It indicates that focus is achieved. Do not release the button.
  3. Recompose your shot. Without releasing the shutter button from step 2, slowly move back the camera frame to where you have original composed your shot in step 1. Press the shutter button all the way down and voila, you get a great sharp picture. This technique requires practice so it is a must that you take several test shots.


Wayne said...

Very informative. I always follow your blog to get "do-it-yourself" instructions about photography.

alwaves said...

thank you very much wayne. ill try my best to update with the latest in photography.

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