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Monday, June 1, 2009

Photography tips - How to shoot good self-portraits?

Taking self-portrait is more fun because you are both the photographer and the model.

Many may think that if you point the camera towards yourself, it is a sign of narcissism, and they may even call you vain. But sometimes you need a picture of yourself and there is no one around who is more adept of your camera to take the shot for you. These are the times when it is good to know how to shoot good self-portraits.

Simply follow the following basic and simple steps:
  • Start with the basics by making sure you are at your best (hair is combed, collar is down, shirt is clean, and your teeth are free from any "food debris").
  • Find a pleasing place with uncluttered background. A green background is soothing to the eyes. Always pay attention to background elements so they do not distract too much the main subject, YOU.
  • Place the camera on a tripod and set the focus as close to the area where you intend to stand or sit and activate the self timer.
  • If the room is too dark for an existing light portrait, use the "slow-synchro" flash in order to provide enough illumination and preserve the room ambience.
  • Position yourself where you had focused the camera and look directly into the lens. Always smile.
  • Take several shots, trying different poses and angle until you hit the best shot. If you have a remote, its an advantage to keep you from running to and fro the camera.


Rob said...

Nice! I want you to shot me like that...

alwaves said...

sure.its my pleasure..you just set a date.

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