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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photography tips - How to take interesting kid shots

Taking shots of kids running, moving unendlessly, is very challenging for digital cameras, primarily because of shutter lag. Sometimes what you get in the picture is different from what you expect since the subject moves quicker than the shutter lag. In short, kids move faster than most digital camera can react. But if you know how to adjust yourself and your camera, you can capture very excellent images that everybody will cherish for years.

Follow these simple guidelines:

  • This is the most important adjustment that a photographer must do. Regardless of the type of camera you are using, you should get down to kid level when shooting. Get on your belly if situation requires you get the right angle.
    This is "hands and knees" at its best (Derrick Story, Digital Photography Pocket Guide)
  • Get closer to the subject. Follow your subject where ever they go and keep them within range if you want to get great engaging shots.
  • Turn on the flash regardless of whether you are indoor or outdoor. The flash will not only provide illumination it will also freeze the action.
  • Use focus lock technique so you can reduce the shutter lag and increase your percentage of good shots. (How to focus lock?)
  • Be patient. Kid photography requires a lot of patience. Kids are kids, and all they do is play, run, and go every corner of the room. But the results far surpass the effort.


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