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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to put watermark on all photos in a folder using Photoshop?

Sometimes we want to take ownership of the photos we share in facebook, flikr.com, friendster, and many other social network client with photo sharing capability. In order to be acknowledged as the owner of the photo or the person responsible for editng the photo, putting a watermark is appropriate. Watermark may include logo, name, address, business name, URL, blogsites, or any other information you wish to be included. Watermark should work best in both dark and light background. But how do you place watermark on all photos in a folder in just one CLICK. You can actually do batch watermarking using Photoshop.


  1. Open a new layer. Type in the watermark information you want to appear in each photo. Choose the desired font, size, leading, etc. I recommend a sans serif font to reduce the visual complexity of the mark
  2. Rasterize the type
  3. Run the Emboss Filter and adjust setting to desired size
  4. Set the layer blending mode to HARD LIGHT to let the image show thru
  5. Set up the file and its attributes by:
  • Choose File Info from File drop down menu
  • Write in the information you want to be attached to the file. Usually, author's name, business name, or URL if you have one
  • click OK and the information will be added to the file.
  • Flatten the File
  1. Now its time to record the action so that all the steps will be repeated in one click.
  2. Open the Actions Palette (WINDOWS\ACTIONS)
  3. Choose NEW ACTIONS button next to the trash can
  4. Name the new action as WATERMARK and select the Function key you want to use to activate the action.
  5. As soon as you are ready, Click the RECORD button and a small sign will turn to red indicating the RECORD mode.
  6. Go through each step you took earlier. Make sure you select the font, size, leading, etc. exactly as before.
  7. When you are finished walking through each step, click the STOP button. The red sign will turn to black.
To test your watermark, open a new photo and click the RUN button. If every detail is present in the water, and the action button runs perfectly right, then you may proceed to batch watermarking. Anytime you want to place watermark on your photo file, you simply run the action command.


  1. If you have a whole folder you want Watermarked, proceed to the File Menu and choose AUTOMATE/BATCH.
  2. In the dialog box, under PLAY section choose the WATERMARK action from the pull down menu.
  3. In the Source section, click the CHOOSE button and highlight the folder the keep the photos you want to put watermark on.
  4. In the Destination section choose "Save and Close"
  5. If you like to create fresh copies of watermarked photos, choose ...find the folder.
  6. When everything is SET, click OK and wait for few seconds for the processing.


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