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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photoshop 101: How to create colorful lips?

In this procedure we would like to draw attention to the area around the mouth and lips. Adding a deep, rich color to the lips creates a cover girl look.


  1. Open the image file you want to edit.
  2. Choose the Lasso tool by pressing L and make a tight selection around the lips.
  3. Choose Select/Feather and change the pixel setting to 2.
  4. Press Ctrl+J to put this selection on its own layer. Change the Blend mode of this new layer to Screen, and lower the Opacity to 15%.
Choose Filter/Sharpen/Unsharp Mask, and enter the following settings
  • Amount: 500
  • Radius: 4 pixels
  • Threshold:0
Putting the lips selection on its own layer and adding an Unsharp Mask gives the lips more depth and detail


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