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Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to remove watermark from photos?

The internet is much loaded with information in the form of text, images, videos and animations which are freely available for viewing and downloading. In most cases however, these materials are fully copyrighted. Images for example are watermarked to specifiy ownership details in the copyright statement. These watermarks are typically found at the bottom of the images, photos, videos, or webpages. The purpose of watermark is not only to declare ownership but also to avoid others from using the materials for profit.

There are cases however when we ourselves want to grab a picture from the web for personal use, and watermark may appear bothersome. And once a watermark is embedded to standard web image file formats such as JPGs, Gifs or PNGs, it becomes a part of the image. Depending on its placement and complexity of the image, one can try to remove the watermark or at least clean the image a bit. so how do we deal with this? How do we remove watermark neatly? There are hundreds of photo editor available in the market which can be used to remove the watermark. Let me emphasize though that I do not encourage removing of watermark. Watermarks are put for the reason to protect the copyright and endorse ownership. I hope these information will not be used to disobey copyright laws.

In this instructions I will be using Adobe Photoshop as the tool in removing watermark from an image.The success of cleaning the image and removing watermark may vary depending on the complexity, size, location of the watermark.

  • Open the image wit the watermark.
  • Choose the Clone Stamp Tool to delete the watermark by either clicking on the icon or pressing "S". The use of Clone Stamp Tool is it copies certain spot or region of the image and covers the area where the watermark is. To replace the area of the image that has the watermak, pick a source point. Holding hte ALT key, click on the area of the image that you think can be copied over the watermark without noticeable change on that area.
  • Use brush size that complements the image. For larger images, use larger brush size.
  • You may zoom in the watermark area to clearly clean it up.


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