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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to remove dark circles under eyes using Photoshop

One challenge in portrait photography is to come up with a clean smooth picture which the subject himself or herself would surely love to see. But if the subject is over 25, in most cases as a photographer you are prompted to do some under-eye clean up by retouching the picture and make it appear natural.

Photoshop is the most common application that can do the clean-up. However using the clone stamp tool would be very tedious and requires skills and much patience to achieve the under eye retouching.

Now here's another great step by Phil Steele on how to remove dark circles under eyes of the subject using Photoshop faster.

  1. Open the photo to be retouched in your Photoshop application
  2. Select the Patch tool under Healing brush. You may right click on the Toolbar square where the Healing is located and select Patch tool from the fly-out menu

  3. Using the patch tool, draw a closed loop around the area under the eye that you want to retouch. Be careful not to chop off the eyelashes.
  4. Click inside the dashed line of the loop and with the mouse button held down, drag that loop down into the cheek area of the subject. Drag is to a smooth, clean skin with good texture are. This will then be your sample area.
  5. Release the mouse button. Voila! You will see the texture of the sampled area will be remapped onto the target area under the eye, smoothing out any bags and correcting the color of dark circles.
  6. Click select-then deselect or press Ctrl+D to deselect and check the result.
  7. If along the border of the patch, the edge is quite obvious, zoom in the photo and do a little clean up using the Clone Stamp Tool. Adjust the opacity to 30%, click Alt, and bring the cursor near the edge of the patch, and then lightly clone along the border line to smooth away any visible edge.


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