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Monday, June 14, 2010

Professional Photography Equipment for beginners

When you are a photographer then you know how important it is to get the right equipment for your profession and you know what works in different types

Finding and choosing the right professional photography equipment would be a great challenge and can be more daunting tasks for beginners and for hobbyist turned professional photographers. The bottomline is, you should know what equipment works for you and what does not? Each photographer has his own genre and style. Choose an equipment that best suits your genre....whether you are involved mostly in outdoor sports, indoor wedding occasions, studio portrait, journalism photography or whether portraits, landscape, aerial or close-up range like the ones used for products and objects for advertising and promotion. Most hobbyists or beginners would literally be daunted with numerous brands and hundreds of different products to choose from.

The first thing a beginner must be aware of is of course choosing the right camera. NOt all cameras work and perform well in all kinds of photography. Choose a camera that best suits to the kind of photography your are pursuing. You need to study what best lens to buy. You must know that different lens also work for different occasions and for different types of photography. Knowing these, you can at least buy an SLR camera with detachable lens to expand versatility. But of cource never miss to have the standard 50 mm lens which for me is good in almost all type of photography. Two other types of lens that a beginner must have would be Wide Angle Lens which is best for outdoor close up range, and a fast Zoom lens which is best for outdoor sports. In other words consider the optical zoom capacity of your camera and lens. The bigger the lens the brighter is the picture. Other camera features like red eye reduction, stability function, shutter speed, must also be taken into consideration.

Second thing to buy would be lighting equipment that will help you capture stunning images of subjects indoors.

Other photography equipment includes tripod. Tripod is essential in holding cameras with extra long lenses because it provides not only support to the heavy camera and lens but it also stability and less vibration.... it eliminates shaking commonly experienced when taking long shots or when you are very tired holding the heavy camera and lens.

Another essentials for beginners would be the bags that will hold your equipment safely. Look for photography equipment online or stores near you to get the best price and value for your money. Choose a bag that is pretreated to eliminate moisture and mold development which damages your lens and camera electronic parts.

Before buying all the necessary professional photography equipment, always check for waranties and after sales services to help you when problem arises in the future.


Cassie said...

Well well well.. Thanks for the great information that you have provided.. This really helps new photographers (or at least, some people who are trying to learn to be a photographer.. ) And yeah, thanks a lot for the tips that we should check on before buying any kinds of photography equipment..

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Aaron axel said...

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