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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How make Autumn Scene using Photoshop

If you have an outdoor shot of trees that would look more awesome if it were in Autumn shades, magic can be done by Adobe Photoshop. Few tricks with layers bring Autumn to your door.

STEP 1: Open your image file that has trees in the background and foreground.

STEP 2:Duplicate the image layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer) or right click on the layer palette then choose duplicate layer. By doing this you can erase parts of the image you don't want the Autumnal tones applied to and bring the original shot back through.

STEP 3: Double click on your top layer to open the Layer Style window then select the Color Overlay option. Change the Blend Mode to 'Hue' and click on the coloured block to pick the shade you want your foliage to be. Click ok once you've chosen your desired hue.

Step 4: E rase some color. Your trees will now be hued with Autumn colors, however we don't want all other parts to have the same hue. To remove any unwanted color select the Erase Tool and simply brush over the area to bring the original shade from the other layer back through. You may do the same to some parts of the trees.

Once you are done erasing the parts which you wish to appear green, then you're done. See how simple it is?


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