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Monday, October 31, 2011

Photography Tips: Wedding

Elorde-Braga Nuptials 2007

One of the most difficult events to cover in photography is wedding because you got only one chance to capture every significant moments. You can not ask for retakes and re-shots for such occasion or you will miss it otherwise. It takes a lot of experience and practice before you become a professional wedding photographer. The blog sphere is loaded with wedding photography tips that teaches how to make memorable shots in every actions in the wedding.

Capturing every significant actions of the couple during the wedding is quite taxing because it involves pressure from many people whether you are doing it professionally or simply doing it to render favor to a friend. It is essential to understand the needs of the subject even if some of the guests have the tendency to be jerks. One best tip I've read involves the right attitude in the field. The following are common tips on attitude in handling wedding photography:
  1. Level down your pride in the spirit of professionalism. 
  2. Be polite and try to be efficient by ignoring your own qualms. Consider it as your gift to the marrying couple. Always arrive on the field on time well prepared. 
  3. As soon as a deal with the client is closed, start doing research on anything you need about the wedding. Spend time visiting the church and the reception to accustom yourself with the venue. 
  4. Find out the best way to get to the place on time. If possible practice going to the venue on the same time of the day of the wedding event to familiarize with the lighting condition and to get ideas on how to position the couple during photo sessions. 
 You can find more helpful wedding photography tips on magazines and internet that specifically deals with techniques on how to take candid shots, group photos, and portraits.


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