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Monday, October 31, 2011

What mode do you use most in taking photos?

Digital Photography School conducted a poll on which shooting mode is oftentimes used by photographers. There is actually no right or wrong as to what mode to shoot your photos....much more nothing to feel embarassed about when asked. The shooting mode is after all a photographer's choice... where he feels more comfortable and finds it more convenient to adapt. Each photographer has his own style and skills and uses the camera in many different ways. The bottom line though is to come up with one superb clear breath taking photo.

For the record, I tend to shoot most of the time using Manual Mode because I feel I have full control over the aperture and shutter speed. One drawback though that I encounter with manual is when you are taking photos for events, there is a risk of missing some moments compared to when the camera is set to either aperture priority or shutter speed priority, and much more with automatic setting.

For the record also, of the 3,731 votes, 1595 opted for Aperture priority. Manual mode ranked second as the most prefered mode. 31% goes to the manual mode, 10 % to automatic mode, and the rest of the 8% voted for scene mode and program mode.

Once you’ve voted tell us about why you shoot in the mode that you do – I would love to hear your insights!

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